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Lurin Abernathy Porill KSSC Mug - Lurin Age: 11 Type: Normal/Steel Species: Poppy/Human Powers/Weapons: Star Hammer (Dark Gray) Quote: "There is a matter of time for this." The young orphan of the Neo Universe, he lives in the computer tower along with several Dream Land creatures, they raised Lurin, since he doesn't know about his birth parents while he was a baby. Lurin grew up in the tower, he enjoys making his own robots, including the one he recently made, called "Project Requiem", infected by several Negative Viruses while Lurin was asleep that night. Requiem turned evil, and Lurin now needs Kirby's help, because he watched a Kirby anime on a computer, and the pink puffball's weapon, the Heartstar Wand, can turn evil into good. Sometimes Lurin is a free-spirited kid, and his only weapon is the Dark Gray Star Hammer.

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