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KSSC Mug - Kirby Age: Unknown Type: Normal/Flying Species: Kirby Powers/weapons: Inhale, Copy, Star Wand, Heartstar Wand Quote: "Poyo! Po--wait! I'm not a baby anymore! I can talk now!" The main hero of the comic. Kirby is our lovable hero who teams up with local Pop Town residents Poppy Bros. Jr (and Sr.) and some allies from different universes. Vowed to protect the Planet Popstar and several different universes and worlds. KSSC Mug - Poppy Jr Age: 6 Type: Bomb Species: Human Powers/Weapons: Bombs Quote: "The Bomb ability will always be mine forever! Because i was born with it!" The youngest of the group and also one of the Kirby Super Star Helpers. Poppy Bros. Junior is all cute and cuddly, but he's got a dangerously short fuse. He loves sweets and toys. He is the son of Pippy and Poppy Bros. Senior. Junior's only power is to throw bombs, and he's born with it! He can be hyper sometimes. KSSC Mug - Poppy Sr Age: 37 Type: Bomb Species: Human Powers/Weapons: Bombs Quote: "Don't Worry, Be Happy! ...Or else, you'll get a Bomb Sandwich." The innocent father of his son, Poppy Bros. Junior. Poppy is no longer a mini-boss (there's other Poppy Seniors that took his place, too XD ) and he used to guard the second half of Green Greens. Even through he's all happy and hyper like his son, but he can get scared sometimes. He can be a bit of comic relief, since he's a clown. He also loves music and singing. More characters soon as they will be revealed in future pages of the comic.

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